Sunday, May 10, 2009


No. It's not Shrek in drag. It's actress Miriam Margolyes preparing for her next role as your typical bloodthirsty Jewish vampire-like mother who feeds her children matzah made from the blood of dead Arabs in "Seven Jewish Children".

It had to happen. The Arab Lobby is bringing the execrable piece of propaganda/blood libel written by Caryl Churchill and masquerading as a play "Seven Jewish Children" to Melbourne for a single eight minute performance next Monday. See Hideous.

And on cue, the Hamas hugging promoters found a willing helper with Jewish heritage doing her best to persuade the Lobby's friends at the Age that allegations about the play being anti-Semitic are "bollocks".

Miriam Margolyes thinks "it's very important that Jewish people who think as I do should say, 'Look, we're Jews, and we want Israel to survive, but not like this, not by killing other people.'"

That's Bollox!

That's not what this play is about and nor is Israel about killing people. The Churchill play was written not simply to criticise Israel's defence of its own population from terror emanating in Gaza but to delegitimise the Jewish State.

It is being promoted by the lobby group Australians for Palestine whose record on whether Israel should survive is clear. AFP does not support a two state solution. In fact, it condemns all attempts to bring about reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians: witness its vicious attacks on the Peace Team - an Australian Rules team made up of Israelis and Palestinians which competed in a world football carnival in Melbourne last year.

Margolyes can't even claim to be the dupe in this case. She's been a shrill opponent of Israel for many years and her statement in the Age is an outrage. If she was really interested in playing a role in bringing about peace in the region rather than behaving like a low life kapo she would be making herself available to appear in Richard Stirling's "Seven Other Children," which this week began a two-week run at the New End Theater in Hampstead, northwest London and which is one honourable non Jew's response to Churchill - Playwright counters anti-Israel play.

Stirling saw through the racism inherent in Churchill's piece of drek and decided to do something about it. Hopefully, some of those assembled to watch Margoyles will let her know what they think.


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Anonymous said...

She seems to be a very intelligent jewish woman. Your article is so full of hate.

Wilbur Post said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous 10:59

Why does she seem to be an intelligent jewish woman without a capital J?

Is it because she's taken the Palestinian side and doesn't think the Jews or jews are entitled to defend themselves as are all other people.

Why do you think my article is so full of hate?

I do hate all terrorists, especially the Hamas and Hizbullah types.

I imagine that you love them but not the children on both sides of the conflict whose lives they constantly put at risk by the terror groups.

Of course, Churchill ignores this and Ms. Margoyles does as well.

For that, I don't hate her although she and her ilk disgust me and turn my stomach - especially when they can't see the obvious Jew hatred in the play and in the organisation that is bringing it to Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

If she was so intelligent she wouldn't have burned her career by offending the majority of the Jewish community by having anything to do with this antisemitic pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

Kapo? Thats a bit far isnt it?

Anonymous said...

Listen what does the fact that Australians for Palestine [ Shaik, Karkar, Mashni & Co.] are sponsoring the Play on Monday Night , and Luoise Al'Adler's Husband is in the play tell you.


Anonymous said...

I agree the use of the word "kapo" is going a bit too far.

I spit on every kapo who ever walked on the face of the earth but they at least were doing the Nazis ufgly work for reasons of self-preservation.

This woman is doing the work of Israel's enemies of her own volition.

"Kapo" is not the right word for this. She's much worse.

Wilbur Post said...

After read Anonymous 8:46 pm 10:50am I have to agree that "kapo" isn't harsh enough a word for the woman and I unreservedly withdraw that reference to her.