Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I recently came across some email correspondence sent by a political commentator who appears on a radio programme and who seems to think of himself as progressive.

The writer of the email was criticising the recipient of the email for the mere mention in correspondence of the connection between Hitler and the wartime Palestinian leader and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al Husseini (pictured above in Berlin).

According to him, if you mentioned this fact you were committing an act of racism against the Palestinian people.

I never quite understood why telling the truth and stating undisputed historical facts was so wrong, particularly in view of the admiration Yasser Arafat later had of al Husseini (he even lied that they were related) and of the fact that the philosophies of the Grand Mufti's Moslem Brotherhood inspired the birth of Hamas in the 1980's.

Al Husseini spent the war years assisting the Nazis in plotting their final solution for the Jews, a solution he had in mind for export to the British Mandate of Palestine but for the defeat of fascism.

So it's not only verboten to speak the truth about such evil monsters lest we offend the Palestinians but its also racist and yet when a playwright yells lies in a work of art and makes the obscene comparison between Nazis and Jews defending their children's lives, some people - even some Jews - think it's kosher.

I am grateful for the many people who come out in support of the Jewish people in the face of the travesty we had to witness inside our own State Library when the play “Seven Jewish Children” was staged while some in the crowd outside chanted in unison "Free Palestine, from the river to the sea".

On hearing about this, I thought it was so ironical that the Australians for Palestine are doing such a particularly good job in infusing their followers with hatred, a belief in the contents of the Hamas Charter and the cause of destroying Israel while, inside, a few stupid Jews are sitting smugly believing they are doing something good.

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Anonymous said...

ou accuse Muslims of being the major contributors to World wide terrorism, if you condemn the Janaweed Muslim arabs for slaughtering innocent black Africans { including Muslims] if you condemn Palestinian Muslims for killing and discriminating against their Christian brothers, if you condemn Muslims for destroying Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, if you condemn Muslims for the barbaric treatment of their woman for beheading s, kidnappings, arm and leg lobbing, there ARE immediate cries of ISLMAOPHOBIA.