Saturday, May 23, 2009


Here's an item from elderofziyon about another Palestinian PR scam about Palestinian Arabs holding what are allegdly the deeds and keys to a house, presumably inside Israel.

The Elder points out that while he's not a locksmith, "if old Palestinian keys looked like that, it looks like anyone could get into anyone else's house. No grooves or teeth in the key?

And if the key is fake...what does that say about the deed?"

The Palestinians have collected a very effective array of PR scams - even operas and plays which are clearly offensive to Jews and totally depraved but which manage to get the endorsement of people who claim they're Jewish. The same PR machine is working out ways to sell the message to the public that the murder of Daniel Pearl and the victims in Mumbai's chabad were not the result of anti-Semitic acts and that pigs can fly. Oy vey!

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