Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The myth of secular Palestine

Noted Israeli historian Benny Morris exposes the myth of a secular Palestine in an important article published in the National Post. The article is excerpted from "One State, Two States" published by Yale University Press and it's a real eye opener.

Perhaps the Jewish hangers on to the Australians for Palestine Israel bash to take place on Naqba Day next Monday ("naqba" means catastrophe or failure to carry out a momentous massacre of Jews as threatened in 1948) would do well to read what this group and their friends over there really have in store for the six million Jewish citizens of Israel should they ever get their way.

... the idea of a "secular democratic Palestine" is as much a nonstarter today as it was three decades ago. It is a nonstarter primarily because the Palestinian Arabs, like the world's other Muslim Arab communities, are deeply religious and have no respect for democratic values and no tradition of democratic governance.


Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Miriam Margolem in one of her character roles?

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gode Benny Morris the Guru of all the left wing Jewish ratbags and their Pali pals says you cant trust the Palestinian Muslim Arabs.. how long has this fool taken to realize this and who will the ratbags find to replace Morris , perhaps AMadinajad ?