Saturday, February 21, 2009


It must be the creative juices within me but I simply can't resist the urge to cash in on the roaring success of Caryl Churchill's hideous 10 minute exercise in verbal masturbation now playing to brain dead audiences at London's Royal Court Theatre so I'm writing my own play.

The working title is "Seven Arab Children".

I haven't written down a single word yet but the concept behind the play is that it will be narrated by Arab parents telling their children stories based on the plots of a popular Palestinian children's television programme "Pioneers of Tomorrow" featuring animal characters like rats, bunnies, bees, bears and such and every child will be given basically the same message - that Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys and that when they grow up their mission in life will be to destroy neighbouring Israel and to kill Jews everywhere.

There's little doubt that the Royal Court Theatre will snap up this play. The big selling feature is that, with its ten minute duration, it's just enough to satisfy the usual attention span of the target audience of British extreme left, the IJV contingent (pity about Pinter), neo-Nazis and jihadists.

My only concern is that, unlike Churchill's play, mine is based solely upon fact which might not be to the liking of the Royal Court Theatre's po faced impresarios.


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Anonymous said...

Nothing would surprise me from a nation that has stooped to the moral bankruptcy of this -

On July 7 2005 52 innocent Britons were murdered by the same filth that the lunatics at the Royal Court Theatre and their patrons are lauding.

The mind boggles!

Anonymous said...

how many more terrorist attacks in Londonastan by home grown religion of peacenicks do the poms need before they wake up, ?

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, the Royal Court Theatre was happy to run with a horrible piece of propaganda dressed up as a play about Rachel Corrie but was really a hotch potch of unadulterated drivel that put most of its audiences to sleep. Those who remained awake left early. Churchill's 10 minute offering shouldn't be long enough to induce sleep but I won't rule out nausea.

Please write your play and if you do I will find a theatre in London to stage it.

(Jewish and Proud)