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Anonymous said...

The influence of the Palestine Lobby within the Age newspaper is systemic and will become a blight on its reputation. Even the BBC reported on the failed Arab terror attack on Haifa but the Age continues to censor most bad news about the Palestinians.

It's a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Palestinian Maher Muhgrabi The AGE staff writer and a major player in the Palestinian Lobby and at one time in charge of Foreign Desk at the Age is a full time Palestinian activist.
Muhgrabi travels the country & NZ speaking at Universities and other venues spreading the Palestinian Gospel.

Muhgrabi also opened the Palestinian Film Festival in Sydney.

Now some may ask so what, well what would be the reaction if The Australian engaged say Colin Rubenstein or a pro Zionist Israeli as a full time staff journalist who had cart Blanche to write about the Middle East, Islamic terrorism and other issues relating to Palestinains, Arabs, Muslims , Jews and Israel . Slight conflict of Interest at al 'age don't you think.

Mind you they also have Waleed Aly as another staff writer previously with the Islamic Council Of Victoria, so at least the Age is consistent in finding the right people to back up Leunig, O'Loulighlin/Jason Koutsoukis to support the Palestinian Lobby.

Muhgrabi is also suspected of being the Blogger behind the Middle east reality Blog site a Pro Palestinian Blog site.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 5:25,

Mughrabi was also invited to lecture at Monash University's Centre for Jewish Civilization last year.

I doubt in those circumstances whether the same person could possibly be the Blogger behind the Middle east reality Blog site which is a real stinker and not likely the work even of a Fairfax journalist.

Come back when you have some more proof.


Anonymous said...

Its not surprising that the left wing head of the Monash University's Centre for Jewish Civilization last year invited a Palestinian advocate/Activist to help promote his views to a Jewish audience. This left wing Academic that runs the Dept.has a history of criticizing Israel and many Jewish organizations that support Israel.
It is interesting James that no Arab or Muslim department at any University that I am aware of has ever invited a pro -Zionist or Israel advocate to lecture Muslim students . I guess its only one way traffic our left wing Jewish Academics are so accommodating aren't they.

As far as Muhgrabi and the Anti Israel Blog Site if you read what I wrote before shooting off .. I said ''Suspected'' obviously I don't have proof the blogger hides his identity and spews his anti semetic, anti Israel, Anti Zionist ,racist bullshit on a daily basis , he is obsessed with Israel and the local Jewish community, reads the Australian Jewish News religiously and spends a shit load of hours pouring out this stuff..

I don't think it is Karkar, McPhee, Shaik,Shepherd or Aly if it isn't Muhgrabi it may be a Left wing Jew, [ not Loewenstein though] but my money is on Muhgrabi, however James just as I can't prove it is him you can not prove it is not, so it's stalemate. Come back to me when you have any suggestions of your own.

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