Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Now, I thought IAJV Obersturmbanf├╝hrer Antony Loewenstein was intellectually and factually challenged but after reading this article on the IAJV website from one of his underlings Michael Brull, I reckon young Ant's a frigging genius by comparison:-

I should like to take a break from issues related to the pro-Israel lobby in this blog, to address something I've found enormously distasteful.

There has long been enormous media coverage of the Edward Einfeld case, gleeful reporting of his lying, and self-righteous proclamations of the need for him to suffer for his crime and so on. I find the desire to see him publically lynched and humiliated quite repugnant.

Freddy Brull concludes:-
I should also say, it should be considered distressing that the leading Jewish organisations are not willing to rally to his defence. Why have they abandoned one of the Jewish community's most decent and admirable figures? I expect that in 40 years, the Jewish community will reclaim him as one of their brave figures fighting for social justice, just as today it proudly claims Spigelman's role in the freedom rides.

It's a good thing the Jewish community hasn't abandoned Edward's second cousin Marcus, otherwise there would be hell to pay from George Brull.


Wilbur Post said...

The post on the IAJV site's been taken down.

Stifling debate on imbecilic members of the IAJV again!

Anonymous said...

I agree Wilbur. This moron's stupidity is magnified by the fact that his basic premise that the Jewish community isn't supporting Eddie or Marcus or whoever. The fact is that the community is divided on the issue -