Saturday, March 07, 2009


The Palestinian propaganda machine has infiltrated many well meaning organisations that once served useful purposes but are swiftly becoming meaningless. Its takeover of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International has turned each of these former human rights organisations into a sham. We know now of the farces called Durban I and Durban II that were supposed to deal with the serious problem of racism the world over and which became a vehicle to single out one people and to hide abuses the world over.

The machine has also taken over and smothered scientific organisations and is using them to spread lies against Israel's defensive war against terror. Melanie Phillips explains how in Science Pogrom Week.

Of course, the Melbourne Age couldn't resist helping cause with a story on claims in Lancet that Palestinian kids are suffering because of the actions of the Israelis. Never mind the fact that under the Israeli occupation, infant mortality rates improved and that the real problems started when Arafat unleashed an intifada in response to Israeli efforts to end the said occupation and never mind that Hamas uses these children as human shields while carrying out terrorist activities including attacks on Israeli schools and kindergartens.

Naturally, there are no concerns from the Age or Lancet about those children who have been traumatised for years by indiscriminate rocket fire from Palestinian terrorists.

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