Monday, March 16, 2009

Rudd must shun UN anti-Semitism

Nick Dyrenfurth in today's Australian makes a good case as to why Australia should shun the Durban hate circus.

The Oz Cut and Paste section also quotes a report from the weekend by Jason Koutsoukis in the Fairfax papers on the torture of Palestinians that mostly goes unreported:

In 2007, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Fatah or Hamas exceeded for the first time the number of Palestinians killed in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces," said Hamdi Shaqqura from the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. According to figures cited by Shaqqura, 394 Palestinians were killed in clashes with the Israeli military and security forces in 2007, but at least 500 were killed by forces aligned with either Fatah or Hamas. Shaqqura said, "We are talking mostly about barbaric acts of revenge and retaliation. Human rights abuses are witnessed every day here.

Ironically, Fairfax which itself is very good at ensuring that Hamas abuses against Israelis goes unreported, is more open when it comes to Palestinian on Palestinian deaths. A pity that we heard nothing from the Age's Jerusalem Bureau chief when Hamas TV used Farfur the Mouse and a succeeding menagerie of animals and insects to inspire Palestinian kiddies to devote their lives to murdering Jews.

Cut and Paste also cites Jonathan Schanzer in the The Jerusalem Post, March 12, on Jimmy Carter's latest book, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land:

Carter wrongly states that Hamas seeks to "remove Israel from the Holy Land using violence if necessary". Actually, if Carter had bothered to read the Hamas charter, he would know that Hamas sees jihad as an imperative to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic Palestine. For Hamas there is no "if necessary". War with Israel is its raison d'etre.

Carter, who visited the Hamas terrorist organisation against the expressed wishes of the State Department, also asserts that Hamas accepts Fatah faction leader Mahmoud Abbas as "spokesman for all Palestinians". Carter somehow missed the civil war raging between Hamas and Fatah. Indeed, Hamas executed a brutally violent coup against Abbas's faction in the Gaza Strip in 2007.

Like many Hamas apologists (and a good few have been referred to on the Blank Pages in the past few) Carter can't even lie straight in bed.

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Morry Weiskop said...

And the picture used in the Hamas story - an obviously staged picture of a number of schoolgirls posed on a bombed building thus implying the building was a school - which it is not.