Monday, March 30, 2009


Last week the Palestine Lobby was working overtime in the Melbourne Age bringing readers a daily dose of allegations of war crimes committed by Israeli soldiers during the recent Gaza War. In the main, the allegations came in the form of shoddy unsubstantiated fairy tales from various sources, many anonymous and many others with axes to grind against the Jewish State. We've seen in recent Blank Pages of the Age posts how some have already been debunked and how others are unlikely to stand the test of solid investigation.

But the stories came on a daily basis - even the ones that had been repeated before ad infinitum. The Palestine Lobby has found a comfortable home at Fairfax where it can push its anti-Israeli line as hard as it can while, at the same time, airbrushing out of existence any sniff of negativity about their own cause. So last week, when Arab terrorists aligned to Hizbullah attempted to commit mass murder of Israelis in Haifa, there was not a word about it in the Melbourne Age.

But there was a sweet story in last Friday's edition on Page 10 "Musical interlude helps to soothe hearts in torn land" by Isabel Kershner of the New York Times. The story appeared originally in that newspaper under the title - Holon Journal Palestinians Serenade Survivors in Israel. It came as a wonderful counterbalance to the stories of the claimed dirty deeds carried out by those nasty Israeli soldiers.

The problem is that whilst the orchestra did perform for Holocaust survivors in Holon Israel, the story behind the story is something different altogether. The truth is that Palestinian authorities were rather miffed at the idea of their youth playing for Holocaust survivors in Israel and have disbanded the orchestra - Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded over concert for Holocaust survivors.

The fact that Palestinian polticians could spoil such a beautiful thing as this youth orchestra and mar such a good deed for victims of the Holocaust and the reasons for them doing so, is not deemed newsworthy by the Palestine Lobby in the Age is proof that such a lobby exists.

But the contents of the blank pages have revealed this as a fact a long time ago.

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Do you really expect the racists to expose their own racism?