Saturday, March 21, 2009


Forgive me but I didn't quite get it when Rev Lance Lawton wrote in a letter published in today's Melbourne Age in relation to the proposed visit by former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami that ..."[P]rincipled stands such as that advocated by the JCCV, by which community leaders have declined even to meet with others of doubtful repute, have, with all respect, delivered little of the peace we all desperately seek.

"Perhaps it's time to try respectful listening and open conversation, despite the doubts. It worked a treat for Jesus; it might just work for one of His servants."

Funny, but I thought the Jew Jesus died in his early 30's at the hands of colonial Roman tyrants with who dialogue was impossible. And that was after attempts to appease the Romans failed miserably.

Forgive me but they tried appeasement with Hitler. That didn't quite work either and millions of Jews, Romas, homosexuals and communists died anyway.

And Rev Lawton; if you spoke till you were blue in the face with the folk in Iran's little puppet movements - Hamas and Hizbullah - you would soon understand from their own language that they will never sway from their declared aim of destroying Israel, killing Jews and setting up an Islamic Caliphate in most parts of this planet.

So forgive me Rev Lawton but I'd prefer to pass on your suggestion - it's just plain dumb.

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