Monday, March 02, 2009


The Obama administration has decided not to attend the Durban Review Conference (aka antiJewish hatefest) scheduled to open in Geneva on April 21.

Gerald Steinberg who is executive director of NGO Monitor and chairs the Political Science Department at Bar-Ilan University argues that this is a "very significant step toward ending the obsessive 'soft-power attacks' against Israel and restoring the moral foundations of human rights." - The limits of engagement.

The Americans clearly understand that non-participation in this useless programme which has been hijacked by the racists themselves, is the "only moral option".

It is to be hoped that Australia and freedom loving nations around the world follow suit.

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Anonymous said...

Not quite.

The Yanks have put a different interpretation on things. They might go if they can convince the racists to tone down their antiSemitism and antiAmericanism and they might agree to do that if some pigs happen to fly over Switzerland.