Thursday, December 06, 2007


Thanks to the Palestinian Authority we need to talk about its Christian population before its numbers dwindle to very little at all. Sadly, the demise of Christian communities under PA jurisdiction is unlikely to generate much outrage or uproar in Christendom as indicated in this Jerusalem Post editorial - Christians' Plight.

The only thing that does seem to generate any outrage from some sectors of Christendom and the secular world from it emanated is that concerning the plight of the Palestinian people in general much of which is self-inflicted as a result of its pathetic leadership whose hatred of their neighbours and their desire for vengeance rather than peace continues to lead them up the garden path.

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Anonymous said...

Christians represent about just fewer than 10 % of Palestinians.

Yet there has never been a 'Christian" Palestinian suicide bomber, does that mean only Muslim Palestinians live under occupation and are allegedly hard done by...can anybody please explain this strange Phenomenon?