Sunday, December 16, 2007


In what are hopefully his last days as the Fairfax Jerusalem bureau chief, Ed O'Loughlin continues to plug the line that the poor Palestinians are the only people living in the territory he's supposed to be covering for his newspaper who are suffering - Let us spray: art connoisseurs follow graffiti star Banksy to Bethlehem . The ugly wall is his target in that little effort.

That "ugly wall" is Israel's security barrier (which for most of its path isn't a wall at all but a fence) but don't even try to find an explanation in O'Loughlin's scribblings for its existence.

Why on earth would the Israelis want to spend so much time, money and effort to erect such a monstrosity?

The answer to that question is ... CENSORED

Meanwhile Palestinian terrorists continue to threaten the existence of the Jewish State and continue their barrage of rocket attacks on Israel civilian targets near the Hamas controlled territory of Gaza. Where are the stories of the suffering of the people of the Israeli town of Sderot where there have been several deaths at the hands of these murderous attackers?

The answer to that question is ... CENSORED

What of the stories and photographs of Israeli terror victims, of the tunnels used for smuggling of deadly weapons from Egypt into Gaza, of anti-Semitic cartoons and the hatred taught to Palestinian children in their schools and where are the stories of the incitement to murder Jews in the Palestinian media?

The answer to those questions are ... also CENSORED

They never made it past the censor who writes stuff about the region.

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Anonymous said...

Those pesky Palestinians aren't the peaceful hippy tree huggers that Ed paints them as in his folksy little fantasyland. They don't even appreciate Banksy all that much - Banksy's Bethlehem mural erased by residents as you can see at