Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The Australian Newspaper's Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov must have had trouble keeping a straight face as he filed his latest report about the rulers of Gaza imploring the US "to bring an end to the crippling boycott of the Gaza Strip, which they have likened to the World War II siege of Warsaw's Jewish Ghetto." - Hamas asks US to free Gaza 'ghetto'.

Unfortunately however, it's no joke!

In his article Chulov quotes Hamas spokesman, Ahmed Yousef as follows,

"Our isolation is complete, confining us in a ghetto (worse than the Jewish ghettos of Warsaw) where our sewage, power and water systems have been destroyed, all normal supplies constrained and even humanitarian aid withheld. Many people have not been paid for nearly two years, over 75 per cent are unemployed and now the Israelis are threatening to cut off fuel and power and invade us once again."

The unmitigated chutzpah of this appalling liar beggars belief. Gaza has a sea border with the Mediterranean and a land border with Egypt. The extent of the isolation of Gaza is dependent upon the Hamas leadership's own actions. They can cease the incitement against Israel, the racist hatred that spews out of every media organisation in the territory and they can put an end to the daily barrages of missiles aimed from their territory into civilian areas of neighbouring Israel. Alternatively, they can shut up and accept the normal and reserved response of the Israelis.

To invoke the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto to make propaganda for this cause whose very foundation is built on a programme of genocide against the Jewish people is a complete and utter obscenity.

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