Saturday, December 08, 2007


A Palestinian youth kicks a donkey wearing a picture of President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as it is walked during a Fatah demonstration in Bureij Refugee Camp, central Gaza Strip

The young Palestinian kicking the donkey in the photgraph above encapsulates all that is wrong with Palestinian society today. He's from Fatah, the Palestinian group that's supposed to be making nice with the Israelis after Annapolis following the efforts of the U.S and E.U envoy Tony Blair but he's kicking an animal representing Bush and Blair. That's right, kicking an animal in a photograph accompanying a pathetic time wasting piece of drivel from Ed O'Loughlin about how tough life is today in Gaza thanks to those nasty Israelis who have for no apparent reason whatsover decided to blockade Gaza.

They do like terrorising animals over there don't they? This year alone we've seen the animals in the Gaza zoo, cats on a Hamas television programme and now the donkey in Bureij. There's even less respect among this crowd for the dhimmis who live on the other side of the border. We should be grateful to the Age for highlighting the part about the animals even if the subject of the kicking the Jews or firing missiles at them on a daily basis is a little too much for the sensibilities of its journalists.

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Gulliver_on_tour said...

The real obscenity is not the biased ranting of this hack journalist but his editor's policy of over emphasizing the so-called suffering of the Palestinians whilst ignoring the suffering of others like the murders by Arab militias of thousands in nearby Sudan.

Are the Darfurians lesser human beings than the Palestinians in Jaspan's eyes?