Thursday, December 27, 2007


Honest Reporting has a special feature about how wire service photos demonstrate the distortions of the media - Pallywood Xmas Special.

Pallywood's producers are constantly creating stories for the foreign media as part of Palestinian efforts to blacken Israel's image. As Rod Liddle has observed, writing for the UK's Spectator magazine:

"If we - or some other TV monkeys - had not been there, it would not have happened. (Emphasis added) We were there to witness injustice; and also, if possible, exacerbate it for the benefit of the viewing public.... And when the TV crews, or the international observers are around, the Palestinians play it up for all it is worth; they know how it will go down with an international audience."

Regretably, our own local news distorter missed out on the fun - he was too busy hanging out with his friends who smuggle goods into Gaza for use by the local thugs. In fact, he was having such a good time that he missed out on this story even though it happened right under his nose - Dead and injured in the collapse of an expenditure of the Hamas in Rafah, south Gaza Strip (warning: the article is autotranslated from Arabic and is not, repeat not, a Fairfax news report).

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