Sunday, December 02, 2007


So Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reiterated his refusal on Saturday to recognize Israel as a Jewish state - Abbas reiterates refusal to recognize Jewish state.

"Historically, there are two states - Israel and Palestinian. Israel has Jews and other people, and this we are ready to recognize, but nothing else."

It may be that Abbas' hands or his tongue is tied but the pronouncement is yet another attempt by an Arab leader to deny history and deny the reality of Israel's creation as a Jewish State. He wants Jews out of the West Bank so that Palestine has Arabs and no other people and wants to dictate the demographic shape of Israel. In short, the Abbas formula is just another form of Apartheid which prompts one to ask where Bishop Tutu and Jimmy Carter are now.

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Anonymous said...

Why is acceptable for the Muslims to have 57 {or thereabout} Islamic states, even the Hamas charter that still exists demands a Palestinian ''Islamic state”. And everybody has a problem with the Jews having one tiny little state that can even fit into Tasmania 3 times. How is it the lefty academics, humanrights lawyers, Fairfax, SBS, ABC, Islamic advocates never call it racist for Muslims to have their own countries? Screw them all!