Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Isreal lifts Gaza blockade Israel

It's not as if the Melbourne Age hasn't had any stories about Israel before. Pity they can't spell the name of the country particularly when the Israelis are being complimented in a way for clearing a "blockade" of Palestinians trapped in the "blockaded" Gaza Strip. However, they do manage to provide the correct spelling when they publish an op ed piece about the peace efforts at Annapolis even when the authors don't accept Israel's right to exist as a sovereign state let alone a Jewish one.

Those poor old Palestinians (the Age usually gets it right spelling-wise with them) are complaining about the suffering of the citizens of Gaza as a result of the so-called "blockade" but what happens when Israel sends in fuel supplies?

They refuse delivery and then they complain about it and there's rarely ever a mention behind the reason why Israel has closed its border with Palestinian Gaza - the daily barrage of missiles aimed by the Palestinians form terrorist groups that are either part of Hamas or supported by Hamas. Not unexpected when Hamas cheerleaders write the news, provide the analysis and provide opinion pieces that come straight from fantasyland.

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