Monday, May 28, 2012

Where's the story?

Maan News reports that Hamas students start hunger strike at Birzeit University protesting political detentions by the Palestinian Authority.
A group of students protesting political detentions by the Palestinian Authority went on hunger strike Thursday in Birzeit University.

The students, who are Hamas supporters, have been sleeping inside the university since May 5. They fear the Fatah-led PA's security forces will arrest them if they leave camp.

In a statement, the students said they would remain on campus until the issue was resolved with the PA, adding that they would escalate the strike if political detentions did not stop.
Now, if the students are seeking attention in an Australian newspaper, I can tell them that they've missed the boat where Fairfax Media is concerned.

Hunger strikes and political detantions are only newsworthy in places such as Fairfax Media when some mud can be flung at the Israelis but when it's the PA and its corript band of shonks and murderers you can look away. There's nothing to see here.

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