Sunday, May 20, 2012


Picture from Harry's Place

This is just a selection:-

The Hezbollah Prisoner of Conscience

(we don't do Arab prisoner stories unless they're held by the Jewish State)

Israeli Medics Attacked by Palestinians Near Jerusalem

(who gives a toss about Palestinians attacking an unarmed Israeli emergency medical crew assisting injured Palestinian passengers in a car accident and calling them "maniacs and f***ing Jews"?)

Chair of Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign Declares Israeli Hoopoe Bird Aves Non Grata

(the loonies who marched in Sydney on Nakba Day courtesy of a sympathetic judge have nothing on these village idiots from Manchester)

Corruption aplenty in the Palestine Authority - Mohammad Rashid to Mahmoud Abbas: Disclose The Source of Your Fortune

(now look, I'm the Middle East Bureau chief around here and nobody's going to tell me that the Palestinian leadership are all on the take - besides my brainwashed readership wouldn't believe it)

The bureaucracy of censorship in Kuwait

(you mean to say there are others whose job entails keeping people ignorant?)

Khamenei Told Me that Israel Must Be Burned to the Ground

(and Al Age told me they were good guys!)

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Anonymous said...

I havn't seen Arabs, Muslims and leftists walking down the main streets of Sydney at peek hour whinging about the murder , mayhem and real human rights abuses Arab against Arab in Syria
I guess when there are no Jews involved it's expected that thats the way Syrians, Palestinians and Arabs behave.