Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Islamic Jihad operative Khader Adnan whose cause continues to be championed by useful idiots in the western media has made the intentions of the hunger strikers clear.

'Victory will be greater if hunger strikers die'

Khader Adnan, who was the first prisoner to launch a hunger strike, said "from our perspective, the hunger strike will be considered a success in any case, regardless of whether the prisoners' demands are met or if they die in prison."

Adnan, who refused food for more than two months, ended his strike after Israel agreed to release him from administrative detention.

"If they die, the victory will be even greater," he said. "In any case, Israel will be held responsible."

Meanwhile, Islamic Jihad threatened to resume its rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza should one of the prisoners die.

Get that?

This is a deliberate policy to hold Israel responsible for any deaths. The media's willing tools of the hunger strike movement will use such deaths to hold Israel to blame, then whitewash the firing of missiles at Israeli civilians and then blame Israel again when it defends itself.

Truly despicable!


Anonymous said...

Good to see mainstream media hacks working for Islamic Jihad murderers.

gulliver_on_tour said...

This is a story the Age won't dare cover ...