Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to Write About Israel

The art of how to write about Israel is beautifully explained by Daniel Greenfield in his Sultan Knish blog.

This is surely what lazy journos who lack the talent and ability to tell a story honestly actually study in their Journalism 101 classes (and sadly, they don't go much further in their education).

The template fits perfectly for many of those whose work is unfortunately far too familiar.

When visiting a terrorist prisoner in an Israeli jail, be sure to call him a militant, somewhere in the fifth paragraph, but do not mention the sheer amount of food in the prison, especially if he is on a hunger strike. If you happen to notice that the prisoners live better than most Israelis, that is something you will not refer to. Instead describe them as passionate and embittered.

Never ask them how many children they killed or how much they make a month. Ask them what they think the prospects for peace are. Nod knowingly when they say that it's up to Israel.

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Anonymous said...

It's brilliant!