Thursday, May 17, 2012

The absurd claims of Randa Abdel-Fattah

On ABC's The Drum, Randa Abdel-Fattah, lawyer, human rights activist, award-winning author and Palestine propagandist asks What must Palestinians do to get your attention?

Who is she trying to kid?

Thanks to the worldwide lobby of Arab and Muslim States, the Palestinians receive a disproportionate amount of attention and funding through various United Nations agencies many of which are completely corrupted and seeped in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment.

As far as the Palestinian cause in the media is concerned, anyone who reads this blog would only be fully aware as to how well most aspects of the cause are covered in much of the mainstream media. Here in Australia, it is given prominence ad nauseum on the ABC, SBS, in Fairfax Media publications and it even gets a good run in the Murdoch Press.

There is only one aspect of the Palestinian story that gets insufficient attention and that leads to the question of when will some attention be given to the abuses of the Palestinian leadership (be it Palestine Authority or Hamas) towards their own people let alone their position with respect to their neighbours in Israel?

As has been pointed out several times in this blog, those abuses are manifold but they are generally consigned to the blank pages.

A case in point is the issue of the recently ended Palestinian prisoners' hunger strike and the matter of Israel's use of administrative detention against suspected terrorists. Many of the reports ignored the murderous activities and records of some hunger strikers and the histories of the detainees denying proper context to the stories.

Of course, now that the strike is over, they walk away from the story and who cares anyway if the Hamas thugs who rule Gaza also use administrative detention against their rivals in Fatah? When you can't blame the Jews it's no longer a story and therefore no longer a matter worthy of the reader's attention.

And while that is sadly, standard procedure for much of the reporting of a conflict in which the Palestinian side of the narrative receives far too much attention.

FOOTNOTE: Sometimes, the comments section of The Drum articles on Israel/Palestine can be replete with anti-Israel sentiment and downright anti-Semitism but it's interesting that the worm appears to be turning and many Drum readers aren't buying into Ms. Abdel-Fattah's delusional claims.

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I,m all over the whinging Palestinians let em go back to Jordan!