Monday, May 07, 2012

Tell the whole story, Ruth Pollard

I have, in the past, remarked that the Age and it's Middle East bureau person Ruth Pollard have become champions of Palestinian prisoners, many of who are currently on hunger strikes.

At the same time, the Age fails to cover the stories of the violence, the threats and incitement in Palestinian society that should provide the background and explain how many became prisoners in the first place.

Since the Age has no problems with highlighting poor behaviour of some Israelis, one can only conclude that this newspaper has a policy of discriminating in its news reporting against Israelis.

For a better appreciation of the full story of Palestinian prisoners, here's a more incisive look at the situation from Barry Rubin who mentions what might well be Pollard's clone from another once great but now ailing newspaper - New York Times coverage of Israel: What Comes After Ridiculously Biased?

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Anonymous said...

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