Sunday, April 10, 2011


Maan Newsagency picture of Palestinian "poverty".
They don't have oil but the Palestinians appear to have the best propaganda machine that money can buy. Although, we are constantly being told that Palestinians are impoverished by such things as Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip (to prevent lethal arms from getting to Hamas such nas those used two days ago to attack a school bus), Maan Newsagency tells us that the Palestinians have a percentage of home ownership of over 80% which puts them near the top of the world. PCBS: 84% of Palestinians are homeowners Hat tip: Israellycool


Shirl in Oz said...

Can I please suggest you follow

No insult intended but I saved this piece 5 days ago. On the 5th !!

Anonymous said...

Image how much wealthier they would be if they didn't waste their efforts producing missiles and suicide bombers to attack their neighbours with.

Truly disgusting.