Wednesday, April 20, 2011



It is believed that thousands of civilians died in the final bloody months of the three-decade conflict in Sri Lanka between Sri Lankan government forces and the rebel Tamil Tigers. Estimates range between the United Nations' strongly contested figure of 7,000 to 60,000 civilian deaths from January to May 2009. At the end of the war, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution commending the Sri Lankan government for ending the war but which failing address allegations of misconduct by government forces.

So despite the fact that the number of civilian deaths was around one hundred times the number in Israel's Operation Cast Lead launched to put an end to Palestinian terrorists firing missiles at Israeli civilian targets, there was no Goldstone, no UNHRC condemnation of Sri Lanka or the Tamil Tigers and no dehumanisisng of the Sri Lankan people or their government. No allegations of war crimes and no signs of cried of hatred directed towards Jews or Israelis.

Read about the double standard in today's Australian - UN called to account on war in Sri Lanka

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