Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Greens forced to back down on Israel boycott

Shame on the three councillors who voted to continue with a boycott.

She on those who who gloat that "thanks to (Marrickville mayor) Fiona Byrne, they have put BDS on the national agenda". Rubbish, BDS is now dead in the water and accepted by the majority of observers as a poisonous, divisive programme designed to prevent a peaceful two state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Shame on the delusional Loewenstein who tweeted that Byrne entered the Marrickville Council chambers to "thunderous applause". I'm reliably informed that Byrne had her fan club there who cheered her entrance but there were also boos from different parts of the audience. Of course, had the meeting been held on an ordinary day and not one on which Jews celebrate their holy day of Passover, the boos would almost certainly have been thunderous too.

Shame on the Marrickville Council for having a boycott in the first place and then ignoring the missile attacks on Israeli civilian targets, including the firing of an anti-tank missile at a clearly marked schoold bus (killing a 16 year old boy), for its silence on the incitement to hatred in the Palestine Authority and from Hamas, for not commenting on the bombing attack which killed a bible translator in Jerusalem or having an opinion on the capture of a boatload of lethal weapons bound for Gaza. Shame for their support of the disgusting, racist BDS policy aimed at deligitimising and dehumanising the people of Israel while they are under attack from those who would commit genocide against them.

That's what I call a double standard.

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Shirl in Oz said...

I did something I've never done in my life this week

I missed 2nd night of Pesuch (Passover)

I think that G-d will forgive me, as it was for a very good cause and I see it as the second exodus of Jews from Egypt !!

If the abominable Lowenstein wants to think that revolting mass of unwashed humanity, is dear Fiona's support group. Then let him think it.

No one else would want to acknowledge even being aware of them. Scum that deserve to be in the sewer.Though even the rats would run a mile!!

We had swearing at the beautiful Morris Hanna, in Arabic. Morris has been such a support to the Community throughout this whole debarcle. He's an Egyptian Copt. He said he'd be thrown out if he provided a translation

The language and behaviour of the 'other side' was abominable