Sunday, April 24, 2011

Marrickville admits Israel sanctions pointless: plans full nuclear strike

According to Chaser, Fiona Byrne's intended purchase is already painted green

This is supposed to be a fiction but the people at Chaser have the unprincipled loons at Marrickville Council pegged just about right.

Having been shamed into rescinding the divisive, racist stance taken with their BDS policy, the idiots compounded their stupidity with a one-sided resolution condemning, among other things, "the Wall" and confirming their ignorance about the Israel/Arab conflict as if there ever was any doubt.

Israel's security barrier is not a "Wall". A small length of the barrier is walled but only those parts where it's necessary to prevent terrorists from firing at Israeli civilians. The barrier has saved Israeli lives but Fiona Byrne and her council don't care about Israeli lives - they proved it with their resolution which ignored the murder of an Israeli family in Itamar, the bus bombing in Jerusalem, the fatal school bus attack near Gaza, the firing of countless missiles at southern Israel, the racial incitement and calls for genocide by Palestinian leaders.

Byrne and her acolytes at Marrickville deserve this because it sums them up perfectly:

Marrickville admits Israel sanctions pointless: plans full nuclear strike

Marrickville mayor Fiona Byrne has conceded that her council’s plan to impose sanctions on Israel will have no impact on its troubled relationship with Palestine. But Byrne remains committed to the Palestinian cause, and has threatened that unless Israel complies with UN resolutions, Marrickville will launch an atomic assault on it.
It just keeps on getting better from there.

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