Friday, April 08, 2011


The Harry's Place blog has a piece about the  anti-tank missile fired from Gaza hitting an Israeli school bus – Pictures: Israel Bus Attack

The author makes the point that you won't be seeing much in the mainstream media of the bus or the victims of the attack (who include a 16 year old teenager pictured above) or that this was just one of about four-dozen rockets fired into Israel from Gaza yesterday.

Naturally, Hamas which controls the region from which the missiles were fired, will not carry out an investigation or do anything to prevent the attacks (and I'm not discounting the likelihood that Hamas itself was behind the attacks).

"In any other situation, in any other county, it would be considered a barrage, and certainly an act of war. But of course it’s Israel and it is just something the world expects the Israelis to put up with."

You will, of course, see or read about the aftermath. That's right, although the victim of the bus attack will not be given a name in the media, you will soon discover in detail the nature of Israel's retaliation (clearly "aggression") and you will be told about the magnanimous gesture of terrorist leaders calling for a cease-fire a la Ghaddafi's Clayton's cease-fire of convenience in Libya which was never intended to be honored or achieved but nice guys who target school buses just don't get the publicity they deserve these days.

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