Wednesday, April 20, 2011



The death of any individual should never be cheered, especially a gruesome death such as that which fate dealt to so-called "peace activist" Vittorio Arrigoni who was slain by Salafist extremists in Gaza last week. Arrigoni was an ISM mover and shaker of the second tier (which means he didn't make Paul McGeough's notorious list in that pathetic six page Age Good Weekend lift out last year). Irrespective, ISM operatives like Arrigoni are not advocates of peace. They support the fascists thugs who rule Gaza and they are racists to boot.

The above picture is from Arrigoni’s Facebook account. It shows a shop window in Jordan. The sign reads “Sorry we do not receive dogs and Israelis”.

Arrigoni’s comment is this:

It may be excessive, but if Palestinians cannot get out, why
should entrance be conceded to Israelis?

Judge for yourself as to whether the deceased was a man of peace or not.

Hat tip: Harry's Place - Amnesty’s Claudia Milani and “Our Fearless Captain”

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