Thursday, November 04, 2010


Times are changing ever so slowly in Britain if the recent Cambridge University debate is any guide. In the past we have witnessed stacked debates at some leading British tertiary institutions but the Union Society debate at Cambridge entitled "Israel is a Rogue State" produced a result somewhat different to that anticipated by some of its promoters and by the usual hostile group that gets imported into such events.

The debate's starting point was that Israel is a "problematic" country, which does not obey international law. However, the Israeli side won the debate despite the intensely hateful diatribe coming from the anti-Israel side. Naturally, this side has no problem with perpetually evil wrongdoing regimes like Sudan which slaughters its minorities in the hundreds of thousands or Iran which threatens neighbours and murders its own dissenters. They are not problematic.

The Israel bashers included Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth (pictured shopping in the Buchenwald ... er Gaza concentration camp), who recently converted to Islam and is living proof that mad cows disease is capable of being transmitted to the human species. She was the typical bad loser maintaining after the event that the "crowd wasn't convinced" despite the 74% vote favouring Israel.

One senses that the tide is turning and people don't appreciate the constant flow of flim flam and lies emanating from the Palestinian propaganda camp either on campuses or in the media. The obvious chicanery behind this year's flotilla fraud is causing people to realise the depth of corruption entrenched in the Pallywood industry.

And now that Booth has converted to Islam she is free to approach her propaganda efforts from a vantage point that allows her to exercise taqiyya without risking her nose growing to inordinate lengths Pinocchio style.

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