Monday, November 08, 2010


One of my correspondents has already offered to submit a nomination of McGeough as a write in Dishonest Reporter for the 2010. I'll post the nomination letter when received.

Here are the details from BACKSPIN:-
Vote For This Year's Dishonest Reporter

Now’s the time to vote for the 2010 Dishonest Reporting Awards -- our annual recognition of the year’s most skewed and biased coverage of Israel and the Mideast conflict.

Please choose one of the five nominees below, along with a brief explanation why he/she/it deserves to receive our ignoble award.
(You may also nominate someone else not on the list). Then send your submission to

The Nominees (in no particular order)

BBC: For Panorama denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem, and Jeremy Bowen enjoying tensions with the US.

Reuters photo desk: Poorly cropping Mavi Marmara photos, and suspicious access to the Lebanon border clash.

Octavia Nasr: CNN editor fired over sympathy tweet for a dead Hezbollah leader.

The Lancet: Throwing peer review out the window to skewer Israel.

Time: For an imbalanced cover story claiming Israelis don't want peace.

We’ll announce the results at the end of year. Due to the volume of mail, we can't acknowledge nominations. See last year's "winners" -- and don’t forget to vote!

1 comment:

TBS said...

Ok, you can't have Octavia Nasr, because she gave her HONEST feeling that she regretted the death of a disgusting murderer, so she's out IMO, since this award is for dishonety.

It's difficult, because all these *cough* people are pretty honest about their attachment to 'the narrative" and therefore to lying...
I'd still go for Paul Mcgeough, although i am grateful (if sickened) to read about the Panorama denial re Jerusalem.

Just shows how deep they are in debt to the Muslims.