Sunday, November 07, 2010

Anyone Notice?

If yesterday's Al Age Palestina six page propaganda lift out on Palestine (aka Project making the thugs who run Gaza look good) was meant to be a completely truthful account, why was it necessary for Palestinian supporters at Reuters to crop photos of the terrorists on the flotilla who attacked Israeli soldiers? Why does Fairfax only allow allow one voice to be heard?

Anyone notice how the most vile, vicious and one-sided, dishonest anti-Israel propaganda pieces appear in the Fairfax media on a Saturday morning? They do, and yesterday's monstrosity marked one of the most shameful days in the annuals of journalism in our country.

On the same note, Honest Reporting is taking nominations for 2010's Dishonest Reporter.

It's time for the world to learn about Down Under's Goebbels.

Let them know!

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday's production in Al Age of a regurgitation of previous propaganda from McGeough was shameful. Almost all of it has been totally discredited in the BBC Panorama programme. Fairfax must be desperately hoping he can win a Walkely.


Anonymous said...

The Age have a culture of Israel hatred and groveling to Arab and Muslim community in Australia.

What do you expect when the Age engages a Palestinian activist on the foreign desk, their cartoonist participates in anti Israel propaganda events staged their Jerusalem based Palestinian propagandist is '' allegedly ' going out with a angti Israeli activist and The age even has an Islamic spokesperson as a full time/par-time journalist on their payroll.

How many other issues have al' age dedicated 6 pages to in their Weekend Magazine... of course only when it come to Israel bashing ..

Don't hold your breathe for al'age / SMH Syrian Morning Herald to allow a 6 page alternative view to be published...

Anonymous said...

The Age has crossed the bounds from normal criticism of Israel by agenda journalists to the dark depths of antiSemitism.

They would never allow a response to the lies and propaganda even though most of what was published has been fully discredited in the past.
Al Dura - give me a break!

TBS said...

No i haven't noticed. i don't read The DamAge unless i'm at a cafe and even then i only check out the lifestyle/craft section. It's the only area in which they can be trusted.

What you point out here is horrific.

TBS said...

incidentally, re the Walkley.

As I understnad it, you nominate yourself for a Walkley, but your self-nomination must be supported.
So you run around to your friends asking them for support letters, but they don't actually nominate you.Like the Small Business Awards, where you enter yourself.

McGoo has already secured 5 of these, so maybe he wants to complete a charm bracelet for his new Pali partner. Shining with taqqiya stones.