Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Apologists for Palestinian terror groups try hard to isolate Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc. from the rest of the jihadi groups that infest the planet and have succeeded to some extent to avoid the connection in many circles. News of the arrest of Al-Qaida ideologue Bakri Muhammad’s arrest by Lebanese security forces in Tripoli - Al-Qaida ideologue’s arrest blow to Middle East jihadis will not help their cause.

Bakri Muhammad was linked to the two British suicide bombers who carried out a suicide bomb attack at Mike's Place pub in Tel Aviv in 2003, in which three civilians were murdered. The murderers were also said to have received support from members of the International Solidarity Movement which is often lauded by Palestinian propaganda mouthpieces in the media. The ISM was referred to extensively by Fairfax journo Paul McGeough in his much criticised Project: GAZA piece in the Good Weekend edition of the SMH and AL Age Palestina.

Now you can start connecting the dots ...

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