Sunday, November 28, 2010

Three too many good weekends late ...

It took the Melbourne Age a good few weekends but yesterday, it finally got around to publishing some responses from its readers to that hideous six page Good Weekend PR piece for the Israel bashing lobby written by the lobby's prize poodle Paul McGeough on the Free Gaza thugs and its "movers and shakers".

Well, naturally the Age had to include in the correspendence published a thank you letter from Australians for Palestine (aka Australians who don't give a rats about Palestine but really want the Jewish State destroyed) for giving their PR campaign a dodgy free kick along with an atrocious fifty metre penalty awarded against the opposite view which rarely ever gets a look in when McGeough lifts up his poison filled jaundiced pen.

Here's the fawning AFP letter from Moammar Mashni (and please don't lose sight of the fact that until very recently one Michael Shaik was on the AFP payroll):

"Rarely has such a vivid account of the blockade of Gaza been made available in mainstream media. Huwaida Arraf, Michael Shaik, Greta Berlin et al should all be commended for their acts of humanity. Thank you for sharing these extraordinary stories."

What the letter forgot to thank McGeough for was the extraordinary fact that his six page article on the subject of "Free Gaza" failed to mention that Gaza is run by a terrorist organisation whose written aim is to destroy the Jewish State and commit genocide against its inhabitants. Or that it's thug led jihadist government whose Moslem Brotherhood roots can be traced to a Palestinian leadership that collaborated with the Nazis and rules over its people with a similar iron boot.

Or that these particular fascists have a record of oppressing Christians, women and homosexuals (not to mention its one Jew who was kidnapped and remains incarcerated without any of the normal rights accorded to such prisoners in civilized societies). In other words, if you truthfully want to "free Gaza" then a good start would be to campaign against Hamas and not hide it away Basil Fawlty fashion by saying,

"Don't mention Hamas!"

The equivalent is to produce a lift out on yesterday's State elections without mentioning one of the major parties in the contest or omitting to mention the personalities or the major issues over which the election was fought.

Do they really call that journalism?


Anonymous said...

You're not giving McGeough enough credit for the voluminous amount of research he undertook to produce those six pages. It must have taken a good few visits to the ISM and Australians for Palestine website. Hard work if you can get it!

Whispering Jack said...

If Israel was as bad as McGeough and friends would have us all believe then why did it allow 180,000 Palestinian citizens to enter the country to receive medical treatment in the past year?

And if Fairfax was as good and as balanced a media outlet as its Chairman would have us all believe then why doesn't it publish the same information as news for its readers?