Friday, November 12, 2010

A principled way to boycott them Joos in Israel

I found this on the Net:

How To Boycott Israel?

If you really want to stop Israel, please follow these simple instructions:

In your office or home, do not use any computers, as Israel developed the Intel Pentium chip, Windows MP, XP and Vista as well as Microsoft Office and AOL IM instant messaging. Also remove your firewalls, as these were developed in Israel.

In your home and car, do not use cell phones that were developed in Israel by Motorola, as was voice mail and camera phones.

Quickly destroy your TV remote control, as this also was developed in Israel.

Now for your health:

Do not under any circumstances let your gastro enterologist use the camera pill you swallow that photographs your esophagus, colon, etc. Just let him ram his scope up your backside. That will show those Zionists who's in charge.

Don't use Copaxone for MS.

If you have a heart attack, do not let the surgeon put in a stent, which was developed in Israel, or use a defibrillator on you.

Also decline the new Israeli medication for Parkinson's or Ex Ablate 2000 if you have fibroid tumors.

That'll show 'em!

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