Monday, February 15, 2010


Austalia could land itself as a Defendant in international criminal courts charged with war crimes as a result of this NATO operation led by US troops in Afghanistan - Twelve civilians die in Afghanistan surge against Taliban, NATO take responsibility.
TWELVE Afghan civilians have been killed during a major US-led offensive against Taliban in southern Afghanistan, as commanders said booby traps and snipers were
slowing progress. NATO claimed responsibility for the deaths, which it said happened on Sunday when two rockets missed their target and landed on a compound as troops came under fire in the Nad Ali district of Helmand province.

Applying the "evidence" and the "logic" of the Goldstone Report on Israel's war in Gaza, this is simply not good enough and all of the nations involved in the war effort against the Taliban are culpable and must face trial for war crimes. The soldiers involved must also be arrested.

Of course, if nothing is done about this, then the Israelis will be vindicated in their condemnation of Goldstone as an unprincipled racist attack on one single country rather than an attempt to establish guidelines for fighting assymetric wars.

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