Sunday, February 07, 2010


I've been doing my weekend reading on a glorious Sunday morning and it came as no surprise that the two local broadsheet newspapers have taken a completely different perspective on the recent assassination of Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

The Age's Jason Koustoukis, who has already had a very poor week as far as his credibility is concerned, has compounded things with the tone of his piece - Mysterious death in Dubai turns spotlight on Mossad. The death of al-Mabhouh might be a mystery for some but Koutsoukis leaves us in no doubt. The Israelis must have dunnit!

Those who bother reading the Age's propaganda journalism would be aware of my policy of reading articles like this one from the last paragraph upwards because it's only near the bottom that the writer reveals that there might possibly be other parties interesting in knocking off this piece of Hamas low life. In this case, right on cue and a few paragraphs from the end Koutsoukis reveals that it might not be the Israelis after all:

"... many people in the Arab world wanted Mabhouh dead."

Actually, if you follow the international news on a daily basis in more reputable news outlets that applies to a lot of people both inside and outside the Arab world apart from the unfortunate Mr. Al Mabhouh. Why, only the other day about 140 were blown up in Irak and ... so on and on ...

But when this one miserable piece is found dead in Dubai, the Age goes after the Jews. Just as the Israelis are always responsible for all manner of woes besetting the Middle East and the Palestinians - even thugs like al-Mabhouh - are like Bambi whose reputation must be protected at all costs. We never read stories in the Age like this one - PA TV Sermon:"Jews are the enemies of Allah and humanity" "The Prophet says: 'Kill the Jews'", Jordan: Stop Withdrawing Nationality from Palestinian-Origin Citizens , Hamas document defends war actions and many, many others.

By way of contrast, a better journalist, paints a more comprehensive picture about this beast - Crowded cast in Hamas's whodunnit.

Read both articles and ask yourself which of the two journalists is doing the better job in informing their readers.


Anonymous said...

Great post Wilbur. The Age's refusal to write bad things about Hamas is a travesty and an indictment on this journalist who's been in the region for well over a year without really writing anything of significance about how Hamas is treating the poor people of Gaza.

It takes courage to write about such things. I don't believe anyone at the Age has the balls or the incliniation.

Wilbur Post said...

Thanks Anonymous. I intend referring to the Age's neglect of the way in which Hamas is lying through its teeth about its murderous intentions towards Israeli civilians very soon.