Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The fine line between war crime and blunder

Nato's top commander in Afghanistan has apologised over a botched air strike that left 27 civilians dead - Nato apologises for botched air strike which killed 27 civilians.

This assault is apparently the third "blunder" of its type during the recent initiative to remove the Taliban.

The article goes on to add that according to the UN "2,412 Afghan civilians were killed last year, the highest in any year of the war."

This is several times the number of civilians killed in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians (even if you accept the Hamas figure which is highly bloated for propaganda purposes) but there's still no suggestion of war crime trials or any investigations or inquisitions carried out at the behest of the powerful Muslim lobby by the likes of Sir Richard Mohammed Goldstone.

That's because nobody really gives a rat's toss about a thousand or two dead civilians in Afghanistan. There are no Jews in sight to blame for their deaths which are therefore relegated from "war crimes" to mere "blunders".

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