Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Professor Alan Dershowitz blogs on the Jerusalem Post On Line and exposes some of the double standards employed by anti-Israel extremists. Here, he exposes Goldstone Mission member Colonel Desmond Travers - Double Standard Watch: An anti-Israel extremist seeks revenge through Goldstone Report.

I already knew that two other members of the mission Christine Chinken and Hina Jilani predetermined views and an anti-Israel agenda when they were appointed, but this fruitcake takes the ... er, well the fruitcake. To claim that only two Hamas rockets were fired at Israel a day flies in the face of the evidence produced during the conflict on a daily basis when certain television reporters with sympathies leaning the same way as those of Travers were able to almost triumphantly crow that the Palestinian terrorists were still able to fire off their rockets despite the Israeli invasion.

The man is a liar and a fool which means that he had excellent credentials to take part in the Goldstone Mission.

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