Thursday, February 25, 2010


An Elvis Presley lookalike. Will his forged passport turn up in the Dubai police investigation? Probably!

Goodness gracious. According to this unattributed article (well, the reference at the bottom is to "Agencies") in the Sydney Morning Herald, the supposed Mossad operation in Dubai that took out the celebrated would be mass murderer -Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (well celebrated among the lunatic far left, Hamas lovers, antiSemites and the usual suspects in the media, particularly those who might write for "Agencies") has grown to an extraordinary 26 including some Aussies!

That's extraordinary because, after all, the idea behind the operation was surely to eliminate a single terrorist who was operating on his own and without any security. Did they need more than two or three operatives to carry out the deed? Well, it certainly looks like it given the information the Dubai Keystone cops are leaking to those "agencies" searching for further inculpatory stories for use against Israel and the Mossad. Note how the writer weaves former Israeli Minister Tzipi Livni into the story, quoting her praise for whoever carried out the deed as if it were a confession (which it was not!).

So now that the Mossad carries out executions with the aid of a cast of thousands, including a key grip, a gaffer and an Elvis Presley look- alike, what has this done to its image?

Well, it might not be popular with the British chattering classes, in the Ministry of Silly Walks or even with those who might write for "Agencies" but elsewhere its becoming quite hip to be associated with Mossad - Demand for Mossad T-shirts up tenfold after Dubai assassination.

This, despite the fact that here's no evidence connecting Mossad with the "dirty deed" and the fact that the only arrests have been of Palestinians involved with both Hamas and Fatah.

The image of an incompetent and bungling Mossad is of course, exactly what the enemies of Israel would like to portray and hence their obsession with fingering the organisation for murdering their celebrity mass murderer of Jews. And is it not strange that the growing list of forged passports links the case with countries that are friendly or supposed to be friendly with Israel? Could this not point to a very good reason why those not so well disposed to the Jewish State would want to point the blame in its direction?

There is another story going around which appears in today's Australian that shows another side of Mossad's activities - Israel's top mole reveals secrets. It reveals that the son of a Hamas founder helped the agency foil numerous attacks from the world's "deadliest terror network."

What, Hamas a deadly terror network? You wouldn't have thunk that if you read the Age lately, would you?

That's why I get the feeling that this one is never going to see the light of day in those organs of the media that shun stories about Hamas, what it does and what it truly stands for.

Blank pages stuff!


Elvis said...

I was not in that building at any time.

Anonymous said...

From the Australian online -

A neighbour of Mr Korman's family told the Israeli news website "There's no chance he is in Mossad. He fixes violins".

Whispering_Jack said...

I heard that the Age is contacting people whose surname is Korman to see if there's any connection with one of the passport holders.

I wonder whether the Age is also checking the phone book to contact any possible members of the al-Mabhouh family in Australia so that they could produce a heart tugging obituary full of sympathy for the unfortunate dearly, departed victim?

Anonymous said...

hey now they say 3 of the assassins escaped thru Iran ... those Mossad dudes are cool 2 do that

Anonymous said...

hey now they say 3 of the assassins escaped thru Iran ... those Mossad dudes are cool 2 do that

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the big deal's all about. This scumbag recently admitted responsibility for the murder of two Israeli soldiers. If it was the Mosad then by taking out only one casualty, the response was at least proportionate!

Anonymous said...

I heard The Age and SMH Editors are waiting on further instructions from the Palestinian Lobby...

Anonymous said...

I bet, if the assassinated terrorist was OSAMA BIN LADEN, instead of a Hamas terrorist, there will be celebrations not condemnations and those responsible will receive rewards and praise for their great achievement not accusation of misconduct and outrage of alleged passport faking.

The Dubai fiasco shows, once again, the double standard and hypocrisy that is applied against Israel. Israel’s bashing has become a fashionable, favourable sport of the media.