Monday, February 22, 2010


One of al-Mabhouh's victims. He's a Jew who was murdered by a Hamas missile so the media doesn't really care much, if at all.

Why has a dead terrorist garnered so much sympathy in western circles? Because it's suspected in some quarters that the Israelis were behind it, that's why.

Last week 12 innocent civilians (and possibly many more) were killed in the NATO strikes against Taliban in Afghanistan. Nobody cared.

In the week that Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh met his death scores of Iraki civilians perished in suicide bombing attacks. Nobody cared.

But if a ruthless murderer like al-Mabhouh gets it in the neck, there's an outcry among the snooty British press (and our own) if they can pin it on the Israelis. The Guardian and the Age have been in a lather about this even though they really can't pin this on the Israelis. There are far too many inconvenient facts as Tom Gross reports - Is Israel the only suspect over Dubai death?

And while some get into an absolute dither about the Dubai police being the best police force in the Middle East (or perhaps the best police force money can buy) there are more questions unanswered by their supposed investigation than any that they've solved. And, as one correspondent to the Australian pointed out they might also want to commence an investigation into how "a self proclaimed murderer was able to freely travel there and procure Iranian arms under their noses."

Here's Melanie Phillips' take on this - Another genocidal murder wiped out. Britain knows who's really guilty.

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