Friday, July 17, 2009


According to AAP DFAT WARNS OF INDONESIAN TERROR THREAT - "Australians heading to Indonesia have been told to reconsider their travel plans because of a very high threat of terrorist attack."

But who the hell are these terrorists and what action should be taken to protect civilians of any nationality from the unnamed and unknown terrorists and is self defence permitted?


Anonymous said...

Do doubt the usual suspects at Fairfax, ABC and SBS will tell us the ''Muslim'' suicide bombers barbaric attacks against their fellow Muslims and some westerners were in support of the Palestinians in Gaza..

We will hear the same mantra if the Israeli/Arab/Palestinian conflict is solved Muslims will stop blowing them selves up in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sudan, Somalia, Chechnya, Kashmir, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Northern China,Algeria, Turkey, New York, Spain and London and all the other places.


Anonymous said...

don't mention the '' M' word Religion of Peace people...