Tuesday, July 07, 2009

They'll be out in force when they read about this ...

There's been a massacre in China where "at least 156 people were killed when Muslim Uighurs rioted in the restive region of Xinjiang in some of the deadliest ethnic unrest to hit the country in decades." - China says at least 156 dead in Uighur riots.

Many of Xinjiang's roughly eight million Uighurs say they suffer political,
cultural and religious persecution. Like in Tibet, they also complain about Han
Chinese moving into the area in large numbers.

That should draw out the civil rights protesters and have them out en masse in front of the State Library with banners accusing the Chinese people of Nazism and Apartheid.


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Anonymous said...

Shock Horror unbelievable Muslims rioting causing mayhem and demanding their own state... no doubt we will read from the usual suspacets in tomorrows Al' Age its all about the Israel/Palestinian conflict, solve this conflict and Muslims in China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Algeria, Pakistan, India, Kasmir, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia , Iraq will all throw away their Suicide vests !