Thursday, July 16, 2009


Thanks to Elder Of Ziyon, here are three more stories of life in the Palestinian territories that you won't read about in our media here - Three stories about freedom:

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas attacked a wedding party for the Madhoun family, shooting two guests including a woman. Their crime? They put up pictures of Samih Madhoun, a senior Fatah leader who was executed by Hamas (on video) in 2007. This is the state of freedom in Gaza when Hamas controls the area.

In the West Bank, the PA is taking Al Jazeera to court to suspend the channel's operations in the area. The PA is not saying that Al Jazeera is revealing state secrets, only that Al Jazeera broadcasts "incitement" against them. This is the state of freedom in the West Bank when the Palestinian Authority controls the area.

In Israel, the virtual operating system was released. It is the brainchild of an Israeli entrepreneur, a joint venture between Palestinian Arab engineers and Israelis to create an operating system on the web where users can upload, edit, and share files as well as do social networking tasks. It was developed via videoconference and with occasional meetings at a coffee shop in the West Bank. The Elder points out that this shows that Israelis value peace and co-operation above all and will go out of their way to work with the "enemy" in the quest for solving problems.

Over at Honest Reporting, Backspin also discusses the feud between the PA and Al Jazeera:

In the West Bank, the PA suspended Al-Jazeera after it aired allegations that Mahmoud Abbas helped Israel and the US poison Yasser Arafat.

HR adds that this is a joke compared to Hamas, which aired a special show about women suicide bombers dedicated to the "martyr," Reem Salah al-Riyashi. YNet News explains how low Hamas has sunk (you can't get odds on the Palestine lobby over Al Age touching this one with a ten foot pole):

Producers invited al-Riyashi's children to the show, so they can see a live reenactment of their mother's death in the terror attack. The shows host, a bear called Nasour, invited "martyr Riyashi's children" to enter the studio, before they proceeded to watch a video accompanied by music.

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