Monday, July 27, 2009


In the lead up to the first general conference of Fatah in 20 years (just don't ask why 20?) some embarrassing news is coming out about the organisation once led by Yasser Arafat. One of its co-founders, Farouk Kaddoumi, is accusing Palestine Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of involvement in the death of Arafat. Kaddoumi also states clearly that the organisation has never given up its quest to destroy Israel.

People like Kaddoumi are affiliated with the so-called "moderate" Palestinians - supposedly Israel's peace partners.

The news of Kaddoumi's outrageous statements and conduct made it onto the pages of today's Australian in Arafat returns to haunt Fatah talks. However, as with all such things, the Age doesn't want its readers to know. Jason Koutsoukis must be looking the other way again.

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