Thursday, July 02, 2009


The Australian Newspaper's Foreign editor asks the question today as to what's happened to the West's human rights lobby - West's hypocrites betray Iranians . He is particularly scathing of the Jews of convenience (like Loewenstein and his publisher Adler who are only "Jewish" when it comes to attacking Israel) and the morally indefensible Age cartoonist Michael Leunig who obviously doesn't think ducks live in Iran.

Of course, the Age editors who censored a recent letter that mentioned the involvement of Hizbullah and Hamas in brutalising and murdering Iranian street demonstrators have esaped Sheridan's scrutiny for the time being.

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Gulliver_on_tour said...

Honest Reporting tells of one Israel basher who is trying to make the comparison with the anti "wall" protesters on the West Bank. This is scurrilous because those protests are often deliberately turned violent by ISM supporters who incite the crowds into rock throwing forcing IDF troops to take action against the violent ativists. There have been some dead and injured but unlike Tehran, its been due to deliberate and aggressive behaviour frm the crowds.

Nevertheless, we can expect the AFP to raise the comparison in one of their propaganda letters to the Age which will dutifully publish in full.