Monday, July 06, 2009


Jenin was once a hotbed of Palestinian terrorist activity. Its refugee camp was know as the suicide bomb making capital and, in 2002, it was the focus of a major Israeli operation to remove the bomb makers. That operation is best know for the industry of fiction that some reporters and media organisations built into the mythical "Jenin massacre" that never happened, one of the lowlights of modern journalism.

The violence has virtually come to an end in Jenin and its absence has seen a marked economic upturn as a result of the increased trade and investment brought to the region by this stability - AS VIOLENCE SUBSIDES, CONCRETE POURS IN WEST BANK.

One can't help draw the contrast between what is happening in West Bank cities with Hamas controlled Gaza and this leads one to wonder what motivates outside urgers who seek to continue to destabilise Palestinian society by throwing their support behind the thuggish regime that controls the lives of the Gazans and ensures that peace in the region remains a remote prospect.

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