Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A man sifts through rubble after Israel's overnight operation and finds the lure that went missing from the Rafah Greyhound Track last week.

Remember the use of emotive photos by the international media showing bombed out building with images of pristine children's toys found in the rubble. The photo opportunities were so widespread and ridiculous that there's little doubt that they were placed there by Hezbollah operatives or even photo journalists in order to draw an emotional response. Here's one that accompanied this jaundiced Guardian article Hamas fires rockets after Israel kills six in Gaza about the destruction of a tunnel by the IDF near the Gaza border that was to be used by Hamas to kidnap Israeli soldiers. A man sifts through rubble after Israel's overnight operation.

Honest Reporting's Backspin is in no doubt and sadly, we're going to see more of this from a willingly gullible western media that doesn't mind having its leg pulled if it's at the expense of the Jewish State.

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